maandag 9 februari 2009

WWW 07

Geoffroy has been at the forefront of the Belgian house scene for many years now but still sounds as refreshing today as he did back in the nineties. As a producer, he’s the driving force behind Mugwump, one of Belgium’s most successful export products in the dance music business with releases on Sasse’s Mood Music, Ewan Pearson’s high-standard Misericord imprint, Rob Mello’s Disco 45 (though distributed via Kompakt) and – last but not least – the mighty Kompakt.

A track for the Ghent-based Eskimo label and another EP on Kompakt are still in the pipeline. Mugwump’s high-quality productions earned Geoffroy declarations of love from international heavyweights such as Ewan Pearson, Dixon, Ivan Smagghe and Kiki (to name but a very few) and gigs at the best clubs in the world , most notably at Fabric, The End, Berghain, Rex Club, Sub-Club and Pacha. Next to producing and DJ’ing, Geoffroy also hosts Flesh, a gig at Fuse in Brussels to which he invites kindred spirits such as ├éme, Ewan Pearson, Sasse and Motorcitysoul.

His WWW mix is a musical self-portrait of Geoffroy: eclectic, bumpy and most of all surprising. There’s a whole bunch of contemporary house tracks on tap, a few classics as well as some cuts of his own production, all flawlessly mixed into a coherent dance-provoking entity.

Check it out yourself over here

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de beste tot nu toe!

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Kvind em ook leuk!
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