vrijdag 14 maart 2008

Wondering-while-Wandering mixtape 01

As you may already know, we've started a monthly mixtape series called "Wondering while Wandering". For those of you who don't have a clue on what's going on, check this.

This mixtape series is kicked off by Gweilo, who's not only a congenial fellow but also a good producer. The London based record label Dissident recently released his "Acolyte" on 12" and since there's only 200 copies available, you best hurry. Much like "Acolyte", all releases on Dissident are pretty much top quality. The label, which is ran by Andy Blake, has made sure all tastes are catered for so far, and it's making quite a furore since it's already receiving support from critically acclaimed deejays such as Ewan Pearson, Skull Juice and Monica Electronica among others. And what better way to discover some Dissident releases than listen to Gweilo's www-mixtape?

Now, we gave Gweilo carte blanche for this mix and the result was very much to our liking. The debut mixtape in the www-series has become a delightful mixture of italo, elektro, house and even minimal. Some fine Dissident records, a few classics (Ron Hardy! Steve Hurley!), an unexpected, minimalish LoSoul edit of "The Siren" and Larry Heard's concluding, blissful "The Sun Can't Compare" is all you need to feel on top of the world. You can download the first www-mixtape here

1.Naughty - Slave to the Dub (Moodmusic)
2.Alexander Robotnik - Made in China (Créme)
3.Truffle Club - Gone Blue (Dissident)
4.Gweilo - Acolyte (Dissident)
5.Marcus Mixx - The Spell - [Ron Hardy Mix] (Let's Pet Puppies)
6.Orgue Electronique - Stairway to the Ocean [JTC Remix] (Créme)
7.Ron Hardy - Muzic Box Classics V3 (Partehardy Records)
8.Valaree - I Love to Love (Diablo Records)
9.Baby Oliver - Hypochondriac (Environ)
10.UnknownmiX - The Siren [Losoul's Hot Edit] (Playhouse)
11.Midnight Steppers - Locked Out (Dissident)
12.Steve 'Silk' Hurley - Jack Your Body (DJ International)
13.Larry Heard - The Sun Can't Compare (Alleviated)

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Sinnamon zei

this mix is da shit from a true house legend