dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

The feeling of clubbing

One of the things I haven’t done during my current stay abroad is attend a proper clubnight. Sure, I’ve been to a lot of parties, some of which can be classified under the label ‘good’ and others which were the quite the opposite. I try to erase the latter from my memory – something I reckon all of us attempt to do – but in doing so, a rather unsettling thought crossed my mind. I couldn’t remember what a fine clubnight felt like…

I can easily recall some of the mammoth tunes that were dropped by a great DJ during some clubnight and some memorable things that happened that same night. No matter how hard I try though, I just can’t remember what I felt that very night or how much fun I had.

This is the reason why we go back I guess. To experience the feeling of having a good time with your friends and to know again what it feels like to forget about the everyday world and be part of a better one, if only for a couple of hours. This feeling must be the gist of clubbing. Getting drunk or taking drugs can be viewed as a sort of means to an end in this case. Some may need booze to experience the feeling whereas others are already 'feeling the groove' through the combination of being around their friends while dancing to some great tracks.

I believe it’s also what makes clubbers, and music lovers in general, alike. Whether your world is ruled by maximalist electro, hypnotising minimal, groovy house or anything in between is of little matter in clubbing because we’re all essentially in search of the same. Enough of my moralizing though; I’m off to actually experience what I’ve been babbling about. Joe from Hot Chip is coming to town for a DJ performance.

maandag 27 oktober 2008

Shout out to the West-Side

For those of you who are stuck on the other side of the planet, far away from Limburg, there's other parties to go to besides Cocadisco this weekend. And we all want Raveslave to go national, right?

They are in the middle of the recording process of their new album, but Klaxons bass player Jamie Reynolds agreed to play a special dj-set at Culture Club. Dirty Dancing deputy Cosy Mozzy gladly accepted to warm up for him and is introducing his latest project “Cosy Mozzy vs Montevideo”. From Antwerp they’ve got the renowned Fanklub Djs. Sounds like a perfect night out…

A-Trak's life story reads like the American Dream... In his own words: “When I was 13 I bought myself some turntables and a mixer. I practiced for about 18 hours a day. Then I came out of my basement, packed my lunch and won a bunch of world championships. Joy! ***UPDATE: A-TRAK CANCELLED***

You may know Kid Sister from the recent “Beeper” tune, or the single she did with Kanye West “Pro Nails”... She's also working with Pharrell Williams. Oh, and did I mention she’s dating A-Trak..?

So there you go.
Visit Culture Club if this might be something that tickles your bwalls!

vrijdag 24 oktober 2008


About three years ago, nightlife was just about dead in the western part of Limburg. Club Montini – once one of the shining beacons in clubland – had been on its way back for several years. It was during those dull times that two men grew tired of the nightly boredom in the region. They saw the moribund Montini fit to serve as location for their very own club night: Cocadisco. The line-up featured Ed&Kim, Jan Van Biesen, a four hour set by Deg & Tomaz and an (at the time) unknown duo that went by the name of Corrid’or. The first edition was a smashing success and got the locals dreaming for more. And boy, were their dreams answered…

Fast forward to today. Cocadisco is a party which is famed nationwide. Its line-ups have featured international hard-hitters such as Freeform Five, Brodinski and Monica Electronica as well as Belgium’s finest DJs ( The Glimmers, The Subs, Jan Van Biesen, Hermanos Inglesos, The Revolving Eyes, …). And on the 31st of October, after a one year hiatus, it’s back!

The biggest change this time is the shift in location from De Schuur to De Brug in Nieuwerkerken. The concept is still entirely the same though: one big international headliner supported by a pack of great Belgian DJs. French nu-raver Don Rimini is this edition’s main attraction. He is being backed up by the rising stars Sound of Stereo, Goldfox, habitué Jules X and residents Ed&Kim and Corrid’or. To promote Cocadisco's third anniversary edition, we have 3 mixtapes for you from DJs that are part of the line-up. Furthermore, we'll also put up some sets of night in question in a few weeks time so those of you who were there can relive the experience and those of you who weren't will know what you've missed out on.

The first mix comes from a duo that goes by the name Sound of Stereo, the absolute Belgian fidget revelation of 2008. They’ve been a part of the Belgian clubbing landscape for some time, but it was their debut EP ‘ Nic Nag’ that really separated them from the mass. ‘Nic Nag’ wasn’t just liked by Belgian DJs, it was also picked up by international fidget heavyweights such as Crookers and Bloody Beetroots, to name just a few. Their latest track ‘Parrot Attack’ is already receiving the support it deserves by the likes of Dr. Lektroluv, who has included it on his latest mix cd.

Their producing career has only just taken off but their DJ sets are in ever-increasing demand. In the following months, they’ll be spinning all over Belgium as well as in Portugal, Italy and France.

So Sound of Stereo is the name and fidget’s the game. This is exactly what you can expect from their mix. It’s fast-paced, in-your-face and contains the hottest fidget and nu-rave tracks on the market at the moment. There’s not much room to breathe; it’s just one banger after the other. So don’t say we haven’t warned you, you’re in for a wild ride on October 31.

You can download it here

Sound of stereo - Zoopah Dupah EP intro
Bingo Players - Get up (Diplo remix)
Sharkslayer - So sincere
Lee Mortimer - Putto
The Yank - We can't be stop'd
Count of monte Crystal - My Condition (original)
Nadastrom - Pussy
Mickey & Jesus - Rompy Dompy
Hijack - Hijackin' (Hervé remix)
Futureheads - Worry about it later (switch edit)
Crookers - Il Cattivo
Leon Jean-Marie - Bring it on (jack beats remix)
Lil Wayne - A Milli (scottie B rmx)
Jaimie Fanatic - Old Skool Is My Skool
Sawtooth Suckah - Letting go (original)
Sound Of Stereo - Evil Panda (original)
Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Lazaro Casanova - Venganza (DJ Barletta Crunk Edit)
Destroy Disco - Fly or Bounce

The second mix comes from Goldfox, one of Limburg’s best known DJs. In his home province, he’s so omnipresent and loved as a DJ that at one point, there’s no getting past him when you’re planning on hosting a Limburg-based party. Mashing up lots of genres in his sets and subsequently adding his personal touch to them, the man’s style is to be called eclectic at the very least. One distinctive trademark are the many ultra-physical classic tunes which always make his DJ sets very energetic.

As is the case with many DJs, Goldfox couldn’t stick to merely his decks and started to host his own parties in Limburg as well as Leuven. His Rave Our Souls concept, which is hosted in Hasselt, is turning out to be a huge success with its past two editions completely sold out. There’s a new one in the pipeline for November 8 with nineties rave gods Altern8 and Human Resource in the line-up.

This mixtape shows a side of Goldfox that you don’t see very often. It’s filled with obscure electro and break beats; genres which are very dear to him but, unfortunately, quite inaccessible to the bigger crowds. The darker mood of the mix combined with the many unknown tracks gives it a sense of timelessness – a rare thing indeed.

You can download it here

Last but not least is Jules X. The odd man out, call him what you like, this 31-year-old Belgian Italian stallion has been there, done that: he was a regular at the terrific Body to Body parties at Culture Club, sharing the decks with The Hacker, Tiga and Felix da Housecat amongst others. He makes frequent appearances at MODfest, Breakdown, Cocadisco and the Vice magazine parties and last summer he also hosted 'Last night a DJ saved my life' on Switch, Stu Bru. Moreover, he throws his own Dominion shindigs at The Zoo, Hasselt and Shadowboxing parties at Recyclart, Brussels. Jules’ minimix sort of reflects his polyvalent style: from electro and hacienda classics to old skool hip hop and rock ‘n roll!

You can download it here

The Doors - People are strange (Jules x 808 edit)
Rockmaster Scott - The roof is on fire
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (Jules X Knight rider remix)
MARRS - Pump up the volume
Grace Jones - Pull up to the bumper
Z-Factor - Hey DJ
Talking heads - Once in a lifetime
Hithouse - jack to the sound of the underground
Metallica - from whom the bell tolls (Jules X dance remix)
Console - 1400
Kill bill - Uma thurman
Jules X Outro (Eazy e vs Soulwax)

maandag 20 oktober 2008


If they say that you ain’t you-know-what in baby-who-knows-how-long, it is high time for another Temposphere season.  Last Tuesday, the game was on again in Rumba.

Okey, I may be a just a littlybittly tendentious but let’s not be corny about it, cats. Leuven generally isn’t really known as the umbilicus mundi of party. Hell yeah, if you don’t ask more than litres of beer and peroxide blondes going all omg-omg-like totally-hihihihi on plain tunes, our lil’ ole town really is the place to Hassel your Hoff. But if you, on the other hand, prefer the purple-coloured combination of dance- music -sex- romance, the city often seems a barren wasteland.  Temposphere strives to quench these party needs by presenting something quite different: something funky, something fresh, something to blow your mind.

Last week Spacid, Cait Sith, Ed& Kim and Commonphase were on duty to get kids dancey.  And you believe me cats, they did a hell of a good job.
Rumba was crowded, but not too, leaving Leuven’s hardest party harders ample space to do what they do best: show off their tightest moves and spill beer on my shoes.  The warmth was effin killing, the music hotter than chili sauce and the pretty party people got lo-lo on the ground: time to chase the glowing hours with flying feet!

Cait Sith teamed up with Ed& Kim’s Kim to set the place on fire. The combination of a turntable veteran (that, according to sources of most questionable reliability, also likes to play topless sets in the quality of Edwina&Kimberly) and rising star Cait Sith (that man who likes to compare spinning to sex on, yes sir, our national radio) resulted in a dynamic mix that kept girls dancing and guys buying them beer.

Spacid made himself the subject of Yves’ latest wet dreams, but frankly, Yves wasn’t the only one going bezoomny on the fierce set Kozzmozz-man Spacid let loose on the dancing crowd. Surprisingly, he interweaved his usual and distinguished choice of records with some more popular, and perhaps more Leuven-suited sounds, like our beloved Crookers and kindred spirits. He’s a master who knows just how to play his puppets.

Commonphase were the ones to burn this Troy and they sure did it in style. Their funky stirring beats made us easily set aside the aching feet, swirling heads and plastered douches getting un petit peu too familiar. Till the early hours, they kept us shaking it like a Polaroid picture. (By the way, sweethearts, you don’t shake polaroids. Okey? Just don’t.)

Humphrey Bogart said it just right when he mumbled: ‘Play it again, Sam.’ And our personal Sammies, Matthias& Yves, will be playing it again next month. And you better be there, ‘cause..
I was dreaming when I wrote this, so forgive me if this goes astray, but Temposhere sure means party like it’s 1999!

woensdag 8 oktober 2008

Chart Nation

My job at Raveslave consists in adding a dash of trash to the omelet of chilled out yet awesome tracks. Insecure as I am (read: lazy) I decided to call in the help of some friends, to help me out in delivering a selection of charts - containing 5 songs they go apeshit over at the moment. Not wanting to bore anyone else with pointless stories (read: lazy) I'll just get right to it:

Ed & Kim (Stu Bru, Breakdown):

Raven - Proxy
Pocket Piano (Joakim Rmx) - DJ Mehdi
Bust a Move (Diplo Rmx) - Young MC
Fake MF - Ampersand
Shake it Down - Laidback Luke & A-Trak

Goldfox (RaveOurSouls):

Comptine d'un autre été: l'après-midi - Yann Tiersen & Jay Haze
Second Phase (Redshape CTX Mix) - Mentasm
Inordertodance (Alexander Kowalski Rmx) - Housemeister
Turkish Testosterone - Adriano Canzian
Putto - Lee Mortimer


Innocence (Sinden Rmx) - Björk
Old Skool is My Skool - Jamie Fanatic
Riddle of Steel - Guns n Bombs
Get Up (Diplo Rmx) - Bingo Players
Say Aha (Tepr Rmx) - Santogold

The Subs (Lektroluv rec.):

Bonzai Channel One - Thunderball
La Serena - Aqua Contact
Technarky - Cybersonic
Acid Phase - Emmanuel Top
Pizzaman - Cisco Kid

Commonphase (Temposphere, TV OFF):

Shocked - Jay Haze, Fuck Pony
Bass Shake The Ground - CLP
You've Been Magnetized (Green Edit) - Mr Magnetik
Offshore (The Phantom's Revenge Rmx) - Division Kent
Neon Human - Felix da Housecat

Der Schmetterling (Infected Music):
Focker (Boys Noize Terror Re-Did) - Late of the Pier
Positif - Mr Oizo
Get Up (Diplo Remix) - Bingo Players
Gorilla - Idiotproof
The Floor - Bangkok Impact

Jules X (Dominion):
Dance in Dark - Proxy
Glamorous Life - Sheila E
Crimewave - Crystal Castles
From Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
Brooklyn Queens - 3rd Bass

Deejay Tall (MODFest):
Cheap and Cheerful (Fake Blood Rmx) - The Kills
Bloodlines (Hervé's love's messed up mix) - Dúné
Jack U (JFK MSTRKRFT edit) - Diddy vs Felix da Housecat
Quadrofonia (Dysfunktion Mix) - Terrabyte
Angel of Death (Punchamidaface pt. 2) - DJ Ayres

Jay Lee (Less Toys More Noise):
Soleil (Delete's Vocal Mix) - Johnny D
Church of Nonsense - Daniele Papini
Dinamicro (Karotte by Gregor Tresher Rmx) - Luca & Paul
Mr Dry - TG
Trompeta - Sis

woensdag 1 oktober 2008

What would MacGyver do?

Normally we don’t do mp3s, but once in a while an unsigned Belgian artist pops up who I really think you should hear. This was the case with Lazerface (whose “Face the lazer” recently has been picked up by Acid Girls who featured it in their set on Fluokids), and now there’s City on Fire. This is the alter ego of DJ Mellow, a 19-year-old D.I.M-ish electro producer whose tracks have already received air time on Belgian (Studio Brussels) and British (BBC 1) national radio.

If you thought a bloke you’ve seen pole dancing and jumping up and down like a madman to Les Petits Pilous couldn’t make subtle music, Mellow proves you wrong. The “City on fire theme” is a touching, melancholic soundtrack. Imagine a film about the planet Mingli inhabited by these elflike creatures. There has been raging a war between the Mingli and Morgal elves since 1 gazillion years. The Mingli elves, who are the native inhabitants of the planet and now a minority, are being oppressed by the Morgal elves, an evil tribe that invaded Mingli. In an epic battle Mazinghar, the Mingli crown prince and the elves’ last hope for victory, gets killed and the scene afterwards we see Marridor, the Mingli king, carry his dead son in his arms through the streets of Minglod town (their last stronghold). I’m telling you, the “City on fire theme” would be extremely fit to accompany that scene.

City on fire – City on fire theme

Also check out this Voltron DJ set. Balancing the best of nu-disco and electro, the Aalst-based duo is in my view one the most promising talents around. They co-throw the popular “Smack my pitch up” parties and they have regular appearances at the News Café in Brussels. In November they’ll also be playing Raveslave crew member Cait Sith’s TV OFF, together with Institubes’ Bobmo!

Voltron mixtape for Panik FM

Voltron - Intro
Kathy Diamond - All Woman (instrumental version)(Permanent Vacation)
Silver City - Pendulo (Pete Herbert Edit) (Deep Freeze Recordings)
Mickey Oliver - In-Ten-Si-T (Justin Robertson Edit) (Harmless)
Wolfgang Gartner - Bounce (Kindergarten)
Les Rythmes Digitales - Brothers (Astralwerks)
Stabbed - (Theme From) Chicago (Riton's Maximal House Re-Edit)(Skylax)
Tomski & Fredboy - Do The Tartelet (Tartelet Records)
A-trak & Laidback Luke - Shake It Down (CDR)
The Prodigy - Charly (Blow Up Records)
Proxy - Raven (CDR)
Ghecko - Firelight (instrumental version)(Flexx Records)
Kano - Ikeya Seki (Hispavox)
Force Of Nature - I-ight (Mule Musiq)
FPI Project - Rich In Paradise (instrumental mix)(ZYX Records)
The Shortwave Set - Now Til '69 (Aeroplane Remix)(PIAS)
Lykke Li - Everybody But Me (Diskjokke Remix)(Warner Music)