zaterdag 17 mei 2008


Just a quickie to say that another blogger has been added to the team. Since our Raveslave clubhouse was dominated by testosterone-fueled alpha males, we decided to 'employ' someone who could steady the balance - if only a little...

Some say it's her ambition to be the first blogster on the moon; others claim Amy Winehouse has hired her to stand in while she finally goes to rehab. We simply believe her name is Annelore. In the future, she'll be reporting on her party experiences, donc attendez-vous aux histoires sur des fêtards plein d'hormones et des DJs avec des looks moitié nerd, moitié electro; aux histoires sur des kilos de cocaïne et des endroits où il est impossible de bouger; et, je l'avais presque oublié, des histoires sur la musique...

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait some time before you get to see her in action because it's that time of the year again. Hell is going to be hot indeed.

wondering while wandering 3

I've always had a particular fondness of DJ compilations. Often this format is the closest you'll ever get to getting to know a DJ because it's consists of tracks that the DJ loves. And unlike when spinning a DJ set, he doesn't have to care about the semi-drunken party-goers' mood or the requirements put forward by shady clubnight organisers. A DJ mix allows the DJ to include whatever tracks he damn well pleases, which is what makes it so interesting...

Liss' trademark preference for funky, and thus very danceable tracks is already well established in these regions. His WWW-mix offers a bunch of tracks which are to be expected from someone with acclaimed taste: the classic Frank Knuckles take on Kasso's "One More Round", the mandatory In Flagranti track, the funky nü-disco action in the shape of Telespazio's "Galileo" and Baby Oliver's "Feelings 2", the devastating Riton remix of Sonny J's "Enfant Terrible".

All in all, this is a very coherent, fluently mixed compilation of exquisite tracks, just the way we like 'em.

You can download Liss' WWW-mixtape here.

01. Kasso – One more round (Frankie Knuckles rmx)
02. In Flagranti – Coquine (Sanctuary mix)
03. Telespazio – Galileo (Rodion rmx)
04. Baby Oliver - Feelings 2
05. Chef – Toccating (Tomboy rmx)
06. Headman – Running into time (Le le edit)
07. Lottergirls – Love is dope (Diskokaine rmx)
08. Sonny J – Enfant terrible (Riton rmx)
09. Adonis – We're rocking down the house
10. Systeme Imaginique – The sublime moment

vrijdag 9 mei 2008

There's something about Theo Parrish

Detroit-based DJ/producer Theo Parrish has made a movie for Adidas which completely slipped my attention until today. The 'story line' of this short movie is just as simple as it is beautiful: a camera crew follows Theo Parrish while he walks through the streets of Detroit, collecting everyday sounds to use in a track. As you'll see, there's nothing hip to this movie. We don't see images of skyscrapers and monuments and what not. We get to see the suburbs of the city and the people living in it. At first, it seems nothing special at all but to me, this movie is a piece of art.

Adidas gave Theo a chance to show what his hometown means to him. He loves it so much that he uses sounds from his city to use in his tracks so that other people get to hear a little bit of Detroit. It appears that Theo Parrish wants to give something back to Detroit in his own way. Adidas presented him that opportunity and he grabbed it with both hands.

We don't only get to see what Detroit means for Theo, but he also presents the viewer his ideas on music: "Certain sounds, depending on how they're ranged, take certain shapes. They take up a certain space in my mind. And the influences come everytime I wake up or go out, there's always a certain influx of music that I'm collecting, so those always have an influence. If your records aren't grabbing people emotionally, then you're really not doing anything." He also introduces his views on laptop DJ'ing and today's society wherein "honesty is at an all time low".

The song you hear in the movie, 'There's something about Detroit', is produced by Theo Parrish. It hasn't been released yet but it might this summer. You can read more on Theo Parrish and his point of views in this interview with Resident Advisor.